Why Crossbows Are Better than Longbows

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Accuracy is the Key

At full draw,you can aim a crossbow at any target, which allows you, as the crossbowman, to support the weapon along with estimating the range at your convenience.

To have more accuracy,it is best to use the mechanical release. It is more convenient and practical than a finger release.

Traditional bows lack a cutout. Crossbows can be seen through sighting down the arrow. In ordinary bows,the arrow isn’t aiming at the target by default which needs intuitive shooting.

Compared to bows, crossbows have lighter quarrels. That helps with flat shooting. Even moving targets don’t have a chance against the shots of the crossbow as they are more accurate and precise. The infamous English longbow can only shoot a very slow and heavy arrow. Longbows aren’t practical anymore.

Supplying Quarrels Is Easier in Crossbows

Crossbow quarrels have two fetchings compared to three on ordinary arrows. Also,they are about half the weight of an analog longbow arrow. They are even simpler and only need rigid enough to resist the differentforces that are applied to them.

Arrows are required to have a spine (essentially for bendiness) that matches the bow. That makes the supply phase more complicated when they need to be made for particular bows. Yet,you need much higher skills to master bow shooting. That is nothing compared to the power of crossbows. More efficiency with fewer skill requirements.

Crossbows are better at hitting sieges

Crossbows were commonly used during the 12th century,especially in Medieval Europe. Medieval combat was basically siege warfare.

A siegeisbasically a supply battle and having long ranged cheap missiles like crossbows is a considerable advantage.

Also,during siege warfare,accuracy is more essential than

firing speed rate especially if you’re going to be there all day,every day. It is quality that matters,not quantity. If you have twenty quarrels,you should be using them wisely to get more accurate shots rather than trying to get quick ones.

Try to pick someone who is not paying attention or leaving a body part exposed,that is how you get more effective shots and improve your accuracy.

The best part is that crossbows are silent weapons. So, you can shoot without exposing yourself. That will help you to cover quickly and take advantage. Compared to a bowman,you don’t need to stand in the open and draw your bow before firing. A longbow is around 6 feet long and requires a lot of body effort to pull.

Furthermore,using the best crossbow doesn’t require a lot of physical strength. It can be used by anyone under any circumstances. However,you need to be mentally present to get a lot more accuracy. It is not about strength anymore. The more you know about your weapon and environment,the more you will get accurate and efficient shots.

It has been reported that longbowmen would lose efficiency over the course of a campaign and results in a loss of range. That would be most observable in a drawn-out siege. On the contrary,crossbowsdon’t lose effectiveness over time.

Compared to Longbows,Crossbows Are More Effective Against Armor

A crossbow quarrel is naturally more efficient at penetrating armor than an ordinary arrow. During an arrow strike,there is an energy loss in arrow flex. Impenetrable arrows will typically break near the head. Because of this weak point,longbow arrows were reinforced and designed as armor piercers,but they still need to bend,and we have the problem of cost and supply of special bolts during special occasions.

On the other side,a quarrel is very rigid and can resist many pounds of force from firing without bending at all. That is what makes it a very efficient penetrator.

Added to that,a crossbow can be much more powerful. A medium field crossbow with a belt hook (around 350 lbs draw) and a stirrup is a better alternative of a longbow in hitting damage. A lot more powerful crossbow,the one with a mechanical crank cocking system in a surplus of 1000 lbs and can hit much harder than any longbow. It is better for sieges as well.

Training Crossbowmen Has Never Been Easier

During warfare,drawing a warbow effectively with an excess of 100 lbs of weight requires a lot of skills and practice. That needs years of training and enough knowledge to master the art of warbows. The British had been the masters of archery for a long time.

However,a crossbow is a lot easier to use,and everyone can master it. It requires fewer skills and time to maintain proficiency. That is what makes it the chosen missile weapon for militias and part-time troops.

We can’t neglect the fact that crossbows are more expensive than longbows and require a lot more maintenance. That is why crossbowmen mercenaries used to get paid more than long bowmen in commoner troops. The reason behind the highly paid crossbowmen is that every man is equipped with a pavise loader/bearer. That is why there are two people paid instead of one. That also reduces its loading time because while a crossbowman shoots a crossbow,the loader reloads the other weapon.

Another reason for the great appreciation those mercenaries used to get is the fact that they could maintain their crossbows and keep in excellent condition. Everyone can use a crossbow, but maintaining a mechanical device in a working condition during a hunting journey isn’t everyone’s best suit.

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